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Cattle on Glen Oakes
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Glen Oaks Holiday Farm
Pigs of Glen Oaks Holiday Farm



In a little corner of the Overberg at the top end of the magnificent Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, cradled by the Klein River Mountains, you’ll find the picturesque Glen Oakes, a working farm, ideally situated for the ultimate getaway.


Escape & recharge. Enjoy the fresh air, fun, space, explore on your mountain bike, experience spectacular views, hike the farm and mountain trails and spot the magnificent Blue Crane or the shy Bat Eared Fox. Laze by the pool with your favourite book after exploring the Valley’s wonderful wineries, boasting award-winning wines.


Crackling fires, squishy sofas, trickling streams and starry nights. Perfect for a romantic getaway – peace and quiet, complete privacy; just the place to unwind.


So much and so little to do.


Glen Oakes is a 300ha farm that primarily farms livestock. It has a registered Braunvieh Cattle Stud, raising and caring for animals on pasture and also breeds pigs on a free-range system. Humane management being a top priority on the farm.


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Glen Oakes has a registered BRAUNVIEH stud.


Probably one of the oldest and purest cattle breeds with records dating back as far as 800BC. They were originally known as the Brown Swiss, originating from the Alps of Switzerland. They are not to be confused with the smaller breed of the Dairy Swiss.


The Braunvieh are a dual-purpose breed, producing meat and milk equally well.


They are renowned for their wonderful mothering instincts, high milk yields and their gentle natures.


We sell our young bulls to breeders and cattle farmers who crossbreed their commercial cows. The crossbreeds are more tranquil, have more milk & the weaners have a higher bodyweight than the norm.


The heifers are kept to increase the herd, and only sold occasionally for breeding.


No forms of steroids or hormones are used – all left to do things naturally on delicious pasture.


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Our young female pigs (Gilts) are crossbreeds of the Large White and Landrace pig. They are crossbred with our Duroc boar.


We maintain a healthy, natural life for the pigs, all grazing naturally on pastures, allowing them to explore, digging for grubs, crunchy acorns and delicious roots. The raising of our pigs this way is a lot slower than the mass production of the commercial pig farms.


Pigs are amazingly clean and are very intelligent – so often thought to be dirty as they spend a lot of the hot days in mud baths, just like the hippo, keeping their skin protected from the sun and flies.


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